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Joshua Tree, CA

A Bio in the style of Kurt Vonnegut In the desolate expanse of Joshua Tree, California, there resides a composer like no other—Greg Bevis, a peculiar maestro of melodies. With unwavering determination, he delves into the intricate tapestry of musical styles, weaving a harmonious fusion of traditional film scores and audacious sonic experiments. Hailing from the distant land of Vancouver, Canada, Bevis's journey began amidst the bustling corridors of a jazz school in Toronto. But his thirst for exploration could not be contained within those walls alone. Alongside his twin brother Ian and their musical ensemble, Bear Mountain, he embarked on a triumphant odyssey across the vast expanse of North America. The stage became their domain, and the crowds bowed to their melodic prowess. Yet, deep within his soul, Bevis felt a longing for a new chapter, a metamorphosis from the ephemeral ecstasy of the road to the intimate sanctuary of the studio. Destiny beckoned, and an auspicious opportunity emerged— an internship at the hallowed grounds of Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions. There, amidst the company of virtuosos in the realm of cinematic music, Bevis absorbed the sacred wisdom of crafting harmonies that dance with the silver screen. The fateful encounter with luminaries in the film music industry nourished Bevis's creative spirit, kindling a fire that demanded expression. And so, he ventured forth to create his own haven, a sanctuary nestled amidst the tranquil embrace of the Joshua Tree desert. In this idyllic oasis, he established his very own studio, where the arid winds whispered secrets and the vibrant palette of the desert landscape painted the backdrop for his sonic tales. Across the airwaves, Bevis's compositions soared, finding solace on the grand stages of renowned television networks like NBC, ABC, TBS, and USA. Brands of repute, including 7-Eleven, Nintendo, Toyota, and Lululemon, sought his musical touch, recognizing the rare magic that emanated from his sonic realms. But Bevis's endeavors extended far beyond the silver screen and the corporate world. Within the digital realms, where melodies frolic and harmonies dance in unseen dimensions, he adorned over twenty alter egos on the realm of Spotify. Under these pseudonyms, he traversed diverse soundscapes, beckoning listeners into the realms of lo-fi hip-hop, binaural beats, and ambient lullabies—each a portal to a distinct facet of his enigmatic musical soul. In the high desert of Joshua Tree, California, amidst the sun-scorched sands and the ethereal silence, Greg Bevis emerges as a maverick, a composer who defies convention and molds symphonies from the very fabric of his boundless imagination. His music, a testament to the audacious spirit of exploration, dances across mediums, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of sound.

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